Becca the Brave

Daughter of God

Who am I?

Does anyone know the answer to this question? Does anyone even know where to begin?

Am I such a creative being that I can even create myself? I think not.
Do I have depth of knowledge and insight that I may define myself? I think not.

Who am I? Student, poet, songwriter, worshipper... There are many answers I could give, but each would be only a tantalising tessera in the mosaic of me.

I am learning that who I am is not and can never be defined by and confined to what I do. I have found that I am found in answering not the question of who I am but whose I am.


Whose am I? I have been bought, redeemed, freed by the blood of Christ. It is in him that I am abundantly alive and audaciously authentic.

So, I remove all other labels which I or others have placed over myself. I will not be restricted by any well-meaning assumptions of my identity. Before and after anything else that I may be during my short while of wandering on this earth, I am loved.

Daughter of God. This is the only introduction I need.